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The Home Phone Review
The "Home Phone" has gone through an evolution.  What was once an indicator of communications superiority is now little more than one more choice for a phone used in a fixed location.  Since there are so many variations of what we can use "at home," we need to review what works best and at what cost.

Is this a Home Phone?
Who Needs a "Home Phone"?
Unless you live in a one-room apartment, there are several advantages of maintaining multi-room access to phone service: safety, security and convenience top the list.  Nearly every home in the US is wired for such service, but with multiple cordless phone sets even that isn't necessary.

For the simplest Home Phone, cell phones by themselves are woefully inconvenient because they're almost never at arm's length when a call comes in, assuming you can hear them ring (or vibrate) when you're in another room. And we're always in a different room when it rings, right?  They also tend to run out of battery at the worst possible time, and they're notorious for dropping calls in the homestead, where signal strength can be low at best.

We want Home Phone service in the home. We want the convenience of having extensions in every room and the security of having a dial tone in case of emergency. But there's no reason to pay a large, or even any, monthly bill for it.

How do the Options Compare?

Is this a Home Phone?
The wired, Landline Phone is the traditional connection from the home to the public phone network.  It has become the most reliable and most expensive choice among Home Phone connections.  If you're not really concerned about the cost of your Home Phone, the Landline makes an excellent option. The more features you add to it, the more expensive it can get.  A "real" Landline can be supplied by your local phone company as well as most cable systems.  They are regulated and priced similarly.

Is this a Home Phone?
The Wireless Home Phone was a simple conversion from the wired line to a box in the house that performs the same function at a much lower cost.  However, the Wireless Home Phone has fallen out of favor because the monthly cost isn't low enough.  Even though it normally includes all our favorite Calling Features, there are now cheaper alternatives.  Our first complaint with the Wireless Home Phone was the inferior audio quality when using Landline-quality phones as well as the fussy dialing procedures.

Is this a Home Phone?
Internet-Connected, or VoIP Phones have the potential of lowering the price to a bare-bones level, or even FREE, but there have been enough 'quirks' to make us hesitate switching the Home Phone to VoIP.  Some Internet-based phone services have priced themselves out of contention for a low-priced phone service, but there are indeed some very inexpensive options.  Another hurdle to overcome was the need for VoIP phones to be connected to a computer. That has been improved by connecting the new generation of VoIP adapters directly to your Internet router, which, in most homes, stays on all the time.  There are also devices which now can be used for complicated communications requirements.

Is this a Home Phone?
One of the most intriguing products is Cell Phone Adapters for your Home Phone.  You can drop your cell phone into the adapter, or place it in a household 'hot spot' and you get all the advantages of an extension in every room and your cell phone never runs out of power.  Multi-line units allow multiple users to share the Home Phone "network," with lots of features to help each member of the family communicate by their favorite method...even Text.  You can make calls all day and the phone will still be fully charged when it's time to grab it and run.

Is this a Home Phone?
After more than one family discussion, we all agree we like the idea of a "Home Phone Number."  This allows us to have a common access to the home from the outside that can be answered by any member of the family, or one that can be used for making calls when our cell phones are either out of juice, or out of reach.  Although the Home Phone may have become superfluous, it is still a useful communications channel if it can be supplied at a reasonable cost.  If you don't already have a Home Phone number you'd like to keep, consider a programmable number, such as Google Voice, that can be directed to where ever you'd like, such as where you work, where you travel, or to a temporary residence.

Is this a Home Phone?
Today, We Recommend a Wireless Home Phone for the home line that feeds all 6 extensions in the house, most of them cordless.  This includes a connection to our TV sets that shows incoming Caller ID while watching TV.  That phone line is programmed that when it is busy or not answered, it forwards to one of our cell phones.  Messages are left on the voice mail of the cell phone and don't go to the Wireless Home Phone unit which is stashed in the back of the house.  Most likely, we will eventually replace that line with an Internet-based phone service when we can get all the features we want for a reasonable price, most likely less than $5/month.  Our particular Panasonic cordless phone base unit can link to one of our cell phones should one of us decide to have it ring through the house. However, none of us wants to be that well-connected...yet.

Home Phone Calling Features
Almost all Alternative Home Phone products includes US Long Distance and these Calling Features!  They are usually additional-cost items for the majority of Landlines.

  • Simple and quick installation. Plug your existing corded or cordless phones into this base unit, and start making calls
  • Use any corded or cordless touch-tone telephone
  • Keep your existing home phone number or get a new one
  • Adapters and wireless units usually have a built-in battery back-up
  • Set the device up in an inconspicuous location.  it doesn't need to dominate your kitchen counter.
  • Includes: 
    • Voice Mail
    • Caller ID
    • US Long Distance
    • Call Waiting
    • Call Forwarding
    • 3-Way Calling
    • E-911
  • Prices shown on our site exclude additional fees and taxes, if any.
  • Other options available including International Long Distance, some at an additional charge and some are FREE!
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